God’s Smuggler

On my long drives to Juarez, Mexico, I usually listen to an audio book. Today I listened to the story of Brother Andrew, a missionary who smuggled Bibles into the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Although I don’t consider myself a smuggler, I have been stopped at the border and been asked to pay a “tax” or turn around and come back with less stuff. So as I waited on the bridge for my turn to see if I would get a red light or a green one, I said my usual prayer, “God, make me invisible, and give me a green light.”

At that exact moment in the biography, Brother Andrew was making his first border crossing with hidden Bibles, and he prayed the Smuggler’s Prayer, “Lord, in my luggage I have things I want to take to Your children across this border. When you were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind. Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see.”

AMEN!! Green light!!

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