Inexpressible Grief

“But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.” Romans 8:26

I need to tell you something. I’ve needed to tell you for a week. But if I tell it, then it is real, and I don’t want it to be real.

But I have to get it out, and I need you to listen.

Last week one of the little girls who came occasionally to the little school in Juarez, Mexico was electrocuted in her home.

As if extreme poverty were not burden enough.

As if having to carry a bucket of water to take a bath was not hard enough.

As if living with uncovered wiring were not enough.

As if her ten-year-old life were not important.

As if God forgot about this little neighborhood scratched out over an old landfill.

But God…

This is when faith becomes real. Do I grab on to it or do I turn away?

Tragedy hits faith head-on.

Tragedy makes it hard to pray,.

But I trust in God who hears our moans.

I choose to have faith that God is in this moment with her parents, with her siblings, with others hearing her story.

And as we struggle to understand the tragedies of this world, may we have comfort from the Spirit who understands our groanings.

Hold your loved ones tighter, hold on to God’s hand, and choose faith. That faith will sustain you, even when you don’t know what to pray.

And remember in our own moanings the ones who suffer many burdens. Remember the least of these.

Rocio with Mom, little sister, big brother
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