Wash feet?

Several years ago I had the privilege of visiting Cuba. Not the tourist Cuba shown on Food Network where only government officials are allowed to eat, but the small town Cuba that was barely surviving on pitiful government food rations. Not the Cuba with the top medical facilities (also only for top Communists), but the small-town Cuba with barely an aspirin in their hospital and don’t forget to bring your own cleaning supplies.

I stayed in a nice Bed and Breakfast near the church I was visiting. Tourists cannot stay in private homes, and the owner of the B&B had to take my passport to the local police station daily. The owner of the home had one of the only cars in the area. The one public bus made to hold forty packed 80-100 twice a day for a route to another small town if you wanted to use a dial-up computer monitored by the government. This is 21st century Cuba.

The church was very charismatic and full of the spirit. The members were joyful and excited to have a visitor. Each family opened their nome to serve me a meal from their precious rations.On Sundays, the church hired a horse and buggy to bring in the children from a mission in another town.We visited this small town later in the week along with the woman who was their missionary. The children were so happy to see her and welcomed me as well. Then we walked around and visited in a few homes. The houses were really a three-wall privacy fence with a cooking fire.

Today I received a video of the same missionary arriving at this village to wash the feet of her little congregation. Her helper is one of the kids from this small village whom I met on my first trip. He is now in medical school!

Serving others is God’s calling to us. We may not see the fruit, but we are called to obey. Let us serve one another in love.

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