My new favorite quote

“The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.”

  1. I woke up in a warm comfortable bed
  2. My husband fixed perfect coffee
  3. I’m surrounded by animals offering unconditional love (well, maybe on condition of food sharing)
  4. I have choices of what to eat
  5. My washing machine is taking care of the wash
  6. The sun will dry my clothes
  7. I can afford supplements and creams to help me age (gracefully?)
  8. My husband has my back
  9. We have two cars, a truck, and gas, tires, repairs for all of them
  10. We have income
  11. Our family, although not completely healthy, is sound and strong
  12. My God is always with me

Sometimes I’m afraid to start a list like this. I’m sure to leave out something glaringly important. I’m also a little superstitious which is the opposite of faith. But I know that whatever life brings me, with faith I can get through it. I pray that any anxious thoughts you are having can be overcome by your faith in a powerful God too.

My first trip to Cuba was life-changing. I had seen poverty before, but not government-enforced poverty. There seemed to be no hope of ever getting ahead. Yet, the Christian communities were full of hope and joy. They know the secret to having it all. They carry God’s spirit and faithfulness every step of the day. Rationed food is only enough for one meal a day of basic rice and beans and a suspect ground meat. Coffee is a tiny cup a day. But they are so grateful.

Yet we who have more than most people in the whole world are the most whiny. Let us realize our riches and be grateful. Let us be so grateful that we want to share our overabundance with our neighbor. Let us realize that we have overflowing blessings, and a responsibility to share. Let us realize that we do have it all.

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