Grit in Juarez, beyond the wall

My first book has been released on Amazon in paperback and in Kindle format. Grit in Juarez, beyond the wall tells the story of children struggling in poverty near the US/Mexico border in the city of Juarez. Cristal and Fina live in a dysfunctional family and learn to fend for themselves. Daniel’s family is more stable, but his younger brother struggles with health issues caused by the desert climate and pollution of the area. Toño is on the road to juvenile delinquency. Pastor Miguel and his wife Pati search for ways to make a difference in this neighborhood built on a former garbage dump.

Purchase your copy today on Amazon and find out how these families work to solve their problems. Your purchase will help buy more books for the library of Love and Literacy in Juarez, Mexico. Thank you for your support! and please write a review on Amazon after you read it.

A Spanish version called Valentía en Ciudad Juárez, al lado del muro is also available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Many children of immigrants do not know the suffering and sacrifice their parents endured to make a better life for them. I hope that my Spanish version will be an opening for families to tell their own stories to each other.


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